Verde Gilbert LLC
75 million
Gilbert, Arizona
Construction Time
30 months - Completed
Bleuwave General Contracting
Construction and Project Management from Ground up

Mixed Use Development

A 23 acre mixed use development including restaurants, retail, offices, health and wellness facilities, apartment residences and a central park.

Modern Main Street Lifestyle Experience

Verde at Cooley Station introduces an exhilarating fresh venture to the Gilbert neighborhood, offering a dynamic space for families and friends of every generation to thrive through work, residence, shopping, and recreation! Nestled in one of Gilbert’s most sought-after zones, this expansive 23-acre project encompasses an array of dining options, retail outlets, office spaces, health and wellness establishments, apartment homes, and a vibrant central park known as “The Green!” Encircling this hub, you’ll discover a captivating assortment of restaurants showcasing diverse cuisines, artistic displays, outdoor patios, and live entertainment.

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